With running costs these days getting out of control, being able to tune and optimise your 4 wheel drive makes a lot of sense. A well-tuned 4WD can save you a lot of money every week, and that’s where the 4X4 Obsession 4WD Dyno comes in.

Your vehicle can be tuned to the correct air fuel mixture, optimising its performance and in return reducing your running costs.  

Our All-Wheel Drive Dyno is also a beneficial tool for replicating in service conditions, allowing the team to, 

  • Diagnose faults
  • Map fuel for optimal running
  • Tune the car to perform to compliment the way you drive

 4X4 Obsession has extensive experience in diesel power upgrades including; 

  • Diesel power upgrades for Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Holden and other mainstream 4x4 dual cab utes and wagons.
  • Mechanical fuel pump rebuilds and up specs.
  • Diesel power upgrade modules.
  • LS V8 Conversion for Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser

With every upgrade we use the All-Wheel Dyno to tune your 4 Wheel Drive to maximise durability, efficiency and reliability.

4X4 Obsession invests a lot of time researching and testing different combinations of engines, exhaust, air-filter, intercoolers and performance chips on their All-wheel Drive Dyno. The reason for this is to ensure the combination you purchase for your vehicle will be based on real world tested and proven results, rather than an ambit claim from a manufacturer.

Contact us about your project, tuning requirement or fault issue and we can guide you thought the maze of options and set you back on track.