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4×4 Obsession performs 4wd Performance Upgrades for most popular makes and models. This includes ECU Remapping for common rail diesels; turbo, intercooler and fuel system upgrades; as well as Dyno Tuning for standard or modified vehicles.

Shop around no more, 4×4 Obsession is your One-Stop-WorkShop for all things 4WD Performance in Melbourne. We cater for both diesel and petrol performance enthusiasts. We offer customised and personalised service for all your four wheel drive needs. Our quality worksmanship won’t disappoint you. We specialise in creating powerful vehicles to enhance your driving experience, where ever your passions may lie.

A 4WD under Dyno Tune Testing during a 4WD Performance Service | 4x4 Obsession, Melbourne

Dyno Tuning

A Dyno Tune from 4×4 Obsession could make a big difference to the performance of your vehicle. Not only should you expect to see a vast improvement in power and torque, you could also see an increase in economy saving on your vehicle running costs. Once we have analysed your vehicle on our state of the art dyno, we endeavour to maximise your tune keeping well within safety parameters.

What does this 4×4 Dyno Tuning Test do? This process checks the current parameters of your tune and condition of the components that control your engine’s tune. We check such things as turbo boost pressure, air fuel ratio, pyrometer temperature and timing allowing us to optimise your tune.

How does the 4×4 Obsession Dyno Tuning Melbourne process work?

It all starts with finding out how your vehicle is currently running to ascertain if we can improve on it. Firstly, we check the engine fluids prior to setting your vehicle on the dyno, strapping it down for safety and connecting the required dyno sensors to your vehicle. We then enter all your vehicles information into our Dyno’s Computer before performing warm up and diagnostic runs. This allows us to collect the data we require to properly diagnose your tune.

After analysing your tune, we will make an informed decision on the condition and requirements of tuning your vehicle. If no extra work is required, we will go ahead and tune your vehicle as per your directives.

If further work is required to complete the process, we will call you to discuss our diagnoses, time frame and costings. Only when you sign off on this work will we proceed as it is important to know and understand the cost involved so there are no nasty surprises.

Once the work is completed, your vehicle will be re-run on our dyno, re-tuned and completed, ensuring that the maximum gains and efficiencies have been safely achieved.

4×4 Obsession are the recommended specialist for Dyno Tunes and 4WD Performance, Melbourne. You can expect a transparent and honest approach. We believe communication is key to securing the desirable outcome you expect. Hence, when your 4×4 needs a tune, Get in Touch with us to have a chat about what we can do for you.


“Unfortunately we are currently unable to do any V8 or Petrol Conversions due to the changes in emissions/engineering laws in Victoria. We are working on finding a cost effective method for the additonal IM240 testing required with our engineer but this will not be available until late in the second half of this year”

A Toyota Hilux dirt burnout after a V8 Engine Conversion | 4x4 Obsession

Is a V8 engine conversion a good idea for your 4WD?

If you’re thinking of repowering your 4×4, then YES, V8 Conversions are pretty-much THE “go-to power up option” for nearly every 4WD vehicle application. Although they are one of the most challenging modifications you will make to a 4X4, the benefits in increased kWatts for only slightly more fuel in processing is well worth it. It isn’t hard to understand why engine conversions are so popular with four-wheel drivers. 4×4 Obsession are Industry Leaders in V8 Conversions and 4WD Performance in Melbourne.


V8 Conversions

V8 conversions are fast becoming one of the most desirable options for 4wd enthusiasts looking to increase power, torque and in some cases reliability. They can change the way your vehicle drives and handle both on and offroad and with the technology of these modern V8’s, they can be a more fuel efficient option than your standard engine.  If you are considering this as an engine transplant, give our experienced team a call to discuss how we can help. With over 20 years experience converting 4wd’s to V8, you can trust our team to deliver your conversion on budget and on time.

If you want the best V8 Engine Conversion Melbourne has to offer,
you need the Best Team.

There are many components that need to work in harmony with each other; not to mention tuning said, a new engine to perform efficiently, legally and reliable

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to learn more about your options.

ECU Remapping

Do you remember when your common rail diesel 4×4 was standard and how well it went? Then you started accessorising as we all do, bull bar, roof rack, bigger tyres, the list is endless but then you noticed it doesn’t seem to go as well. It seems to have less power,  less torque or have I just gotten use to it. No your not loosing your mind, you do have less power and torque due to a number of factors: bigger tyres, more weight, more wind drag = less power and torque. The most economical way of getting this back is remapping the engine control unit or ECU.

What is ECU remapping?

Remapping basically means taking the blueprint for the car’s engine from within that software and adapting it. You are creating a new process or route for the 4×4 to follow. Skilled engineers here at 4×4 Obsession can override the factory settings and tell your car’s ECU to work a little differently and increase its performance.

Our team can explain the process in more detail and help you see how this remapping service could make a big difference. Just check out our contact form. You can also hand over your pride and joy knowing that we provide a safe service that won’t put excess strain on the engine or put your electronics at risk.

A 4WD Landcruiser on ramps ready for ECU Remapping | 4x4 Obsession

Why should you consider a ECU remapping Melbourne service?

You may be happy enough with your vehicle the way it is. But, did you know that remapping the ECU unlocks hidden potential? After all, the factory settings are, by default, the bare minimum of what you can get and the most common choice. When you go against this and retune the ECU, you can increase the performance of the vehicle and customize it for your needs. This is ideal for anyone looking to increase the power and torque of their 4wd or to just restore what they have lost due to accessorising.

If you want the Best from your 4WD, you need to see the Best 4×4 Mechanics at ECU Remapping and 4WD Performance in Melbourne. Call 4×4 Obsession Now!

Geared up and rugged black 4x4 on beach after GVM Upgrades and added accessories | 4x4 Obsession

GVM Upgrades

Are you using your 4WD vehicle for heavier loads than usual? Or, are you planning a big adventure away with lots of people in the 4×4 vehicle and gear strapped to the roof? This can have an impact on the GVM of your four wheel drive..

What is GVM?

GVM or Gross vehicle mass is the maximum your vehicle can weigh when on our roads. It is surprising how quickly we can go over this weight when we start adding accessories to our vehicles.

It is worth while checking to see if your 4wd needs a GVM upgrade.

A GVM upgrade is the best way to keep your 4×4 legal and insured while handling the extra weight of the accessories or load you have placed on your vehicle. Most times, this means fitting of a registered GVM suspension upgrade kit but in some instances may also require brake and chassis upgrading as well. This must then be certified by a registered engineer.

Turn to a GVM upgrade Melbourne team you can rely on.

The team here at 4×4 obsession can provide a check on the current state of your vehicle to assess if you require a GVM upgrade. This is carried out on our state of the art Safety stop machine allowing us to not only weigh your 4×4 but also check your brake performance. We will then print a full report from the Safety stop allowing us to discuss in detail the results and make honest, informed recommendations as to a solution that will see you remain legal on our roads.

If you are unsure whether you require a GVM upgrade, or just don’t know where to start, Give Us a Call. We are the Experts for GVM and 4WD Performance, Melbourne. We can organise a consultation and inspection to put your mind at ease.

4×4 Suspension

What is the suspension like on your 4×4 right now? Chances are that it has seen better days, especially if you take regular trips off-road and aren’t shy about tackling bumps in the road. Maybe you know that there is some wear or poor performance, but you have just put up with it. There is no need to live with unsatisfactory suspension when you have 4WD suspension specialists close by at 4×4 Obsession.

How can our 4×4 suspension Melbourne services help?

One way we can help with your 4×4 suspension is to provide a detailed inspection and report of all the components. This will allow us to identify current and future issues as well as recommendations as to upgrades you my wish to consider. Whether you’re a tradie or a weekend offroader, we can provide a solution for your 4wd suspension that will not only enhance load carrying capacity and handling but comfort as well. We can tailor a suspension to your needs.

This is a great idea for anyone planning on spending more time on or off road, touring or working, or just driving the kids to school. We can also advise you on suspension lifts and the legalities in Victoria.

4WD Suspension System | 4x4 Obsession, Melbourne

Whatever choice you make,
you need the best 4WD Suspension Specialists around.

We can’t underplay the importance of our suspension and regular checks. That’s why you need a 4×4 Suspension and 4WD Performance Melbourne team, you can rely on time and time again. Check out our contact form and get in touch to see how we can help.

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