Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning in Melbourne at the 4x4 Obsession Workshop

The Preferred Dyno Tuning Workshop in Melbourne

A well-tuned 4WD Vehicle can save you a lot of money every week. To get the best out of any 4WD engine, all the engine components need to work together. The correct air fuel mixture optimises your 4WD vehicle performance and in return reduces your running costs. The Ultimate Diesel Tune is no longer a luxury but an absolute essential.

At 4×4 Obsession, you will benefit from the knowledge of our specialised dyno tuning mechanics and our state of the art, high tech computerised, All-Wheel-Drive dyno.

This combination allows 4×4 Obsession to diagnose complex issues with your engine. Moreover, we are able to maximise your 4WD engine’s power and efficiency. You will be able benefit not only in the knowledge that your vehicle is running at its optimum but also that it is not costing you more than necessary to run.

A PDA Diesel Tune or Dyno Tune allows the 4×4 Obsession Team to:

  • Diagnose Faults
  • Map Optimum Fuel Running
  • Tune your 4WD vehicle to perform and compliment the way you drive

4X4 Obsession Mechanics have extensive experience in Diesel Power Upgrades including;

  • Diesel power upgrades for: Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Holden and more
  • Diesel power upgrades for: 4×4 dual cabs, utes and wagons.
  • Diesel power upgrade modules.
  • Exhaust, suspension and brake upgrades
  • Carburettor and ignition upgrades
  • Mechanical fuel pump rebuilds and up-specs.
  • LS V8 Conversion for Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser

With every upgrade, we use the All-Wheel Dyno to tune your Four-Wheel Drive to maximise:
Durability, Efficiency and Reliability.

4X4 Obsession, are the industry leaders for Dyno Tuning in Melbourne. We invest a lot of time into researching and testing different combinations of engines, exhaust, air-filter, intercoolers, turbo chargers and diesel performance chips. Every diagnostic is based on real world proven and tested results. And not just ambit manufacturer claims.

Contact Your 4×4 Dyno Tune Specialists on : 03 9746 8699
Feel free to discuss your tuning requirement or fault issue. We will guide you thought the maze of options and set you back on track.

What is a Dyno?

A Dyno is a diagnostic tool for measuring force, moment of force (torque), power and other engine vitals. A vehicle is driven onto the dyno via ramps and is strapped down. It is then driven on the dyno, allowing us to replicate road driving conditions at different speeds, RPMs, elevations & loads. The dyno’s computer records all the vital statistics.  As well as, other important engine readings like air & fuel mixtures & turbo boost pressure. It’s a very important piece to the puzzle to correct diesel engine tuning.

Benefits of a Custom Dyno Tune

  • Around 25-35% More Peak Torque
  • Around 25-35% More Peak Power
  • Excellent gains in power & torque across all rev-ranges
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Complete throttle control
  • No more EGR related issues
  • Reduction in fuel usage by 5-10%
    (dependent on how you drive)
  • Better & safer results than any generic & un-tuneable “chip” on the market
  • Your turbo diesel vehicle will feel a LOT better in terms of power/torque output, acceleration, smoothness & driveability!
Black Nissan Navara ST-X. Where can i get a Custom Dyno Tune near me? | 4x4 Obsession
 Diesel Tuning Mechanics perform 4WD Dynamometer Testing | 4x4 Obsession Workshop, Melbourne, Victoria

The Ultimate Diesel Tuning Workshop

Dynamometer Functions include

  • Load simulation
  • Wind drag simulation
  • Stop/start accelerations from standing start to wide-open throttle conditions
  • 4WD ABS brake testing & diagnostic readout for each wheel
  • Vibration testing
  • Drive train balance and noise testing
  • Drive shaft, wheel bearing fault diagnostics
  • Smoke testing and rectification of excessive exhaust emissions

The Dyno Tuning Processes

  1. Your 4WD engine is cleaned externally, so we can access the components without contaminating the fuel system or internal parts.
  2. We connect your 4WD vehicle to test equipment which checks:
    • Pump pressure and return flow
    • Injection Timing and Tachometer
    • Smoke emissions
    • Boost Pressure
    • Exhaust Back Pressure
  3. Your vehicle is run on a 2wd or 4wd dynamometer to simulate road conditions. We view a readout of your vehicle’s performance prior to tuning. This allows for comparison of the before and after results.
  4. We analyse the data to estimate tuning costs. And we give you a call to discuss your vehicle’s condition before any work commences.
  5. The technician does a valve adjustment, filter changes, injector bench-testing, glow plug testing and reset of the injector pump timing, to the manufacturer’s specification. Any shortfalls in automatic advance systems and pressures are rectified as required. We reset turbocharger pressure to original specifications and clean the boost/fuel compensator housing is clean
  6. Your 4WD vehicle is run on the dyno again. This gives us an overlapping “after tune” read out to compare the results.