Employing 4wd Mechanic, Melbourne

4WD Mechanic Job, Melton, Melbourne

We Are 4X4 Obsessionone of the leading one-stop 4×4 mechanic workshops in Melbourne. We are employing 4WD Mechanics now. We are number #1 for work culture, support and happiness. We are dedicated to passionate 4WD enthusiasts who look for a variety of 4×4 services ranging from Dyno Tuning, V8 Conversions, Advanced ECU Remapping, 4×4 GVM Upgrades, 4×4 Suspension and other related services such as Logbook Servicing and more.

We are the #1 Workshop in Melton for repairing off-road 4×4 vehicles. Our typical clientele is wanting more torque, more power, more performance from their four wheel drive vehicles. Better drivability and fuel economy! Our clients want a 4WD vehicle that will be trouble-free during work, play and adventure!

Our 4×4 Mechanic Specialists are passionate about repairing, as well as driving four-wheel drive vehicles. This gives them/us a unique advantage. Armed with first-hand experience on both ends, they have an unmatched understanding of the typical 4×4 client.

Hiring - 4WD Mechanics in Melbourne Job Offer | 4x4 Obsession

Join our Team

We’re always on the lookout for talented people with the right attitude to join our dynamic team.

We are obsessed with everything 4×4.
It is a must that transcends into our work culture.

If you’d love to join 4X4 Obsession as a 4×4 Mechanic Specialist, work in our clean modern workshop, receive well earned remuneration and thrive in a working environment that is healthy and rewarding. Please submit your application and CV accordingly via form or direct to:  info@4x4obsession.com.au.

    Thank You

    We appreciate your interest in our upcoming position.
    When you apply, please understand that you need to be a Western Surburbs Melbourne resident to qualify for a position with us.